Curriculum Vitae


Born 1958 in Nis, Serbia
Migrated to Australia in 1971


1977 – 1978    Foundation Year. Dandenong Technical College
1978 – 1980    Diploma in Art & Design.  Prahran College of Advanced Education
Majored in Painting  (Studied under Jeff Makin,Vic Majzner, Roger Kemp, Bob Jacks)
1983 – 2000    Owned and Operated  PERIMETRICS Pty Ltd  PICTURE FRAMING


1985        Three Young Painters, Powell Street Gallery, South Yarra
1987        New Work Show. Powell Street Gallery
1987        A Gallery Survey, Powell Street Gallery
1988        New Work Show, Powell Street Gallery
1989        Three Painters, Powell Street Gallery
1989        New Work Show, Powell Street Gallery
1990        It All Starts Here – Contemporary Drawings. Powell Street Gallery
1990        Serbian Artists of Australia  ‘Vukovi Dani’. The Eclectic Easel
1991        Something To Do With The Sea, Powell Street Gallery
1991        Swan Hill Print & Drawing Show, Swan Hill Regional Gallery
1991        The 10th Spring Festival of Drawings 1991, Mornington Peninsula Arts Centre
1991        Serbian Art Exhibition, Access Gallery of the National Gallery of Victoria
2002        Antipodes Gallery Sorrento
2002        Group Exhibition, Jeffery Malessa Gallery, Sorrento
2002        ‘Intuitive Responses’, Oak Hill Gallery, Mornington
2004        Members Show, Oak Hill Gallery, Mornington
2004        Official Judge for “’LITTLE ARCHIE ‘  Portraiture Prize
2004        Christmas Show, Antipodes Art Gallery, Sorrento
2004        ‘Hang 12’  Clean Ocean Foundation  at Sorrento House
2004        Commission of  7 paintings for SANFORD SECURITIES  P/L
2005        Group Show,  Gallery Ten Eleven  Armadale
2005        Affordable Art Show  Melbourne ,  Gallery New Quay
2005        Group Show,  Gallery  New Quay
2006        Winner, Flinders Art Show
2006        Affordable Art Show, Sydney
2006        Artworks Gallery  Southport Queensland
2006        Finalist John Leslie Art Prize Gippsland Art Gallery
2006        Clean Ocean Foundation  Jeffrey Malesa Gallery
2007        Flinders Art Show
2007        blkmrkt Gallery, Southport Queensland
2007        2007 ANL Maritime Art Prize
2007        Finalist ANL Maritime Art   The Mission to Seafarers Victoria
2008        ART  Brisbane  Art Gallery Collections ( Gold Coast )
2008        Charles Hewitt Gallery
2008        Flinders Art Show
2008        Red Hill Art Show
2008        Art Gallery Collections    ( Gold Coast )
2008        ART Sydney  ( Art gallery Collections
2008        Manyung  Gallery  10 works
2008        World Vision Donation Painting  Artistic Licence Gallery Adelaide
2009        Art Melbourne     Without Pier Gallery 2009
2009        Flinders Art Show
2009        Art Red Hill
2009        Astras Collections ,  Gold Coast
2009        Without Pier Gallery  10 works
2009      ‘ 0ur Melbourne My Victoria’  Victorian Artist Society  5-15 November
2010        Winner of Mornington Peninsula Art Show   Judged by  Susan Mc Culloch
2010        Art Melbourne  Manyung Gallery
2010        Art Red Hill
2010        Flinders Art Show
2010       ‘ Our Melbourne My Victoria ‘  Victorian Artist Society  November 2010
2010        Art Sydney    Manyung Gallery
2011        20  Mornington  Peninsula  Artists Manyung Gallery  Mt Eliza
2011        Second prize Mornington Peninsula Art Prize   Judged by Michael Berry
2011        Art Red Hill
2011        Art Melbourne with   Manyung Gallery
2011        Landscapes      Manyung Gallery
2011        Without Pier Gallery  Group show
2011        Blake Art Prize  Directors Cut
2011        Finalist  Paddington Art Prize
2012        Artists Travels ( Landscape )
2012        Art Red Hill
2012        Flinders Art Show
2012        Singapore Art Fair
2013        Great Southern Landscapes   SOHO Gallery  Sydney
2013        Best Contemporary work Flinders art show Judged by Susan McCulloch
2013        Abstraction   SOHO Gallery    Sydney
2014       Peninsula Art Show
2014        Camberwell  Art  Show
2014        Official Judge for Conti Art Prize Sorrento
2015       Peninsula Art Prize Winner Oak Hill Gallery Prize
2015       Blairgowrie Art Prize
2015       Winner Red Hill Art Prize Best in Show                                                            2016       Feature Artist  Blairgowrie Art Prize                                                                2016       Merricks Gallery Group Show   Merricks  Vic                                                2017       20/20  Wistlewood Gallery Shoreham   McCuloch&McCuloch

1987           Sea Stories , Powell Street gallery South Yarra
1989           Reckless Pursuit, Powell Street Gallery South Yarra
1991           Solo Show, Powell Street Gallery South Yarra
2002           New Space, Jeffery Malesa Gallery Sorrento
2003           New Work, Oak Hill Gallery Mornington
2004           Antipodes Art Gallery, Sorrento
2005           New Moods,  Antipodes Art Gallery, Sorrento
2006           The Sky and I, Cruz Gallery,  Docklands Melbourne
2007           Timepeace,  Gadfly Gallery, Perth
2007           Time and Place,  Paddington Contemporary Gallery, Sydney
2007           Melancholy,  Antipodes Art Gallery Sorrento
2008           Mindscape ,  Without Pier Gallery  Melbourne 2009                            2008           Smallscapes   21 works Antipodes Gallery Sorrento
2009           Light of Day  Light of  Night,  Charles Hewitt Gallery Sydney
2009           Luminescence,   Gadfly Gallery  Perth
2009           Luminous,  Artistic Licence    Adelaide
2010           Provincial ,  Without Pier Gallery  Melbourne
2011           Sun+Tide  Antipodes Gallery Sorrento
2011           Pondering    Glenferrie Contemporary Gallery
2011           Elements      Charles Hewitt  Gallery   July
2012           Romance      Without Pier Gallery Cheltenham
2013           Dream Catcher    Manyung Gallery   Sorrento
2013           Winter Coast       Gadfly Gallery            Perth
2013           Awakening the Spirit     Soho Gallery    Sydney
2014           Classical Fragments ProMergingArt  at Antipodes Sorrento
2015           Seasons ProMergingArt at Antipodes Sorrento                                       2016           Sublime to Meditative       Oak Hill Gallery Mornington                              2017           Endlessnes Without Pier Galleryam    Cheltenham


1990          ACTA Australian Maritime Art Show                                                  1991          ACTA Australian Maritime Art Show
1992          Castlemaine Drawing Show


James Packer Private
La Trobe Valley Art Gallery
Smorgon Family Collection
Sanford Securities Pty Ltd (Private)
Private Collections in Australia
Private Collections in  London
Private Collections in  Serbia
Crown Casino,  Melbourne